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Deskless Workforce

2.7 billion people don't sit behind desk to do their jobs. We believe that deskless workforce applications are on the brink of radically transforming this population of global workers.

Closing the deskless software market gap

Despite making up 80% of the global workforce, deskless workers have long been forgotten by entrepreneurs and investors. Not at Emergence. These workers are employed in factories, fields, stores, healthcare facilities, and construction sites, and are essential to our economic infrastructure.

Companies with large populations of deskless workers want software that helps these employees become more productive and improves their work experience. We believe that this market represents one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs today.

“We’re steadfastly focused on the very busy millions of people who take care of the sick all day and aren’t given great tools to collaborate with each other to make care better.”

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Jeff Tangney
CEO, Doximity

Portfolio companies

Augmedix Conviction Page Logo

Augmedix puts the clinician-patient relationship front and center by delivering industry-leading, ambient medical documentation products to healthcare.

Doximity Conviction Page Logo

Doximity's mission is to help every physician be more productive so they can provide better healthcare for their patients.

Drivewyze Conviction Page Logo

Drivewyze is the smart mobility services company for the transportation industry.

DroneDeploy Conviction Page Logo

DroneDeploy is transforming the way businesses collect, manage, and interpret reality capture data from drones, 360 cameras, and mobile ground robots.

Mya Systems Conviction Page Logo

Mya Systems helps companies recruit better candidates with AI.

Openpath Conviction Page Logo

Openpath creates smart, flexible access control solutions to improve safety and security for the built world.

ServiceMax Conviction Page Logo

ServiceMax builds software to help field service workers do their jobs.

UpKeep Conviction Page Logo

UpKeep is the #1 software for maintenance and facility management.

Vymo Conviction Page Logo

Vymo is the Sales Acceleration Platform of choice for leading financial institutions around the globe.

Zipline Conviction Page Logo

Zipline is the leading communication and execution platform for retailers who believe in the power of the store experience.