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Deep Collaboration

The future of software is collaborative. We predict that modern software will no longer be built to address the needs of a single persona.

Maximize productivity with software built for a specific job-to-be-done

In a world where deeper collaboration is being done remotely, we need a new stack. Collaboration tooling can’t be a destination; it must be embedded in the work itself.

We call this stack Deep Collaboration. It refers to software which combines productivity and collaboration functionality in one place to get a specific job done. In a Deep Collaboration future, all the people involved in getting a job done can collaborate on doing it in one piece of software. All the productivity and collaboration (both internal and external) features they need to accomplish the job live in the same place. Successful Deep Collaboration companies unlock substantive cross-functional collaboration because everyone can be close to the work itself.

“By marrying collaboration and productivity tooling, we are building the future of digital contracting.”

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Jason Boehmig
Co-Founder and CEO

Portfolio companies

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Maze is a rapid testing platform that gives modern teams actionable user insights, in a matter of hours.

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Ironclad is the leading digital contracting platform for legal teams.

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ThreeFlow is a Benefits Placement System that allows brokers and carriers to manage the entire placement process in one shared system.

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Project44 provides standardized, secure web service API integrations that allow shippers and 3PLs to connect to carriers in real-time.

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Class is a virtual classroom that integrates exclusively with Zoom.

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Whistic is a leading provider of proactive vendor security and an innovator in changing the way that companies publish and evaluate security posture to build trust.

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Federato is the RiskOps platform for underwriters.