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Why We Invested in IrisVR

We are proud to announce that we have led IrisVR’s Series A financing.

IrisVR is one of the first companies building virtual reality applications for the enterprise.  Their focus is on making it easy for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to use VR to get a better feel for what they are designing or building.

This is a truly compelling enterprise use case for VR.  Until this point, those designing products for the physical world were relegated to viewing their 3D creations in a 2D space (i.e. on a screen).  In some cases, they might choose to build a miniature physical model of a building — or a life-size model of a car.  Neither of these options is ideal.  But now, using VR, it’s possible to walk through a building concept as though you are there or stroll around a new car design as though it is right in front of you.  This is a truly game-changing experience for any architecture, engineering, or construction professional who has tried it.

IrisVR’s offering makes it easy to quickly convert digital 3D content from major design platforms into a walkable VR environment.  This in and of itself is magical as it often takes hours to days of manual effort to make 3D designs VR-ready.  But IrisVR isn’t stopping there.  The company has a host of other exciting features planned that will make VR a mission critical tool for design and collaboration around buildings and physical products.

We are excited to partner with Shane, Nate, and the rest of the IrisVR team.  Here’s to building a big company together that changes the way that the structures and products around us are created and built.