Tony Jamous, Founder & CEO
Jason Green

"Oyster takes the pain and expense out of hiring internationally. So you can hire whoever you like, wherever you like - in record time."

Oyster is removing the barriers between talented people and great full-time jobs at a global scale. We believe it should be easy for any company to hire any person, no matter where either is located in the world.

Oyster's platform solves the complexities of giving full-time, full-fledged employment to anyone in the world, while providing a delightful experience to employers and employees.

We are also motivated by the opportunity for positive social impact. Removing these barriers makes the world a better place in three ways: 1) It helps redress inequalities of access to opportunity, 2) It allows for the distribution of wealth to places other than the major cities of the world, and 3) It supports the environmentally-friendly and business-smart shift to remote working.

Oyster has Pending B Corporation status.