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Specialization drives success

We make a small number of investments each year in areas that will change how the world works. Although we have specializations, please don’t be discouraged from pitching us if you have an idea that’s not reflected in our current conviction areas or portfolio.

AI Coaching Networks Logo

AI Coaching Networks

Our prediction: Artificial intelligence is about to give humanity a fighting chance to win the race against automation.

Deskless Workforce Conviction Area Logo

Deskless Workforce

Our prediction: Deskless workforce applications are on the brink of radically transforming 80% of the global workforce.

Industry Cloud Conviction Area Logo

Industry Cloud

Our prediction: By focusing on an industry, vertically-focused companies can go deeper to build lasting customer loyalty.

Deep Collaboration Conviction Area Logo

Deep Collaboration

Our prediction: Software will no longer be built to address the needs of a single persona.

Emerging Conviction Areas

We’re always exploring niches outside of our core conviction areas. These niches are always evolving and we like to spend time with founders building in these areas to learn more and develop our thinking.

Event-Driven Systems

Imagine a world where people engage with you when you are ready to chat, and they know the questions that you already might have. Event-driven systems will be the future of unlocking higher customer acquisition and retention.

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Hybrid Work

Simply adapting existing remote strategies for hybrid needs isn’t enough to maintain company culture and deliver business results. Instead of trying to blend remote and in-person solutions, a new crop of technology will emerge to address the specific needs of hybrid companies.

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