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Why We Invested in Zenpayroll

Our mission at Emergence Capital is to be the most important partner to the most important enterprise cloud companies. By enterprise cloud, we mean any business application selling to any size business. While the SMB space has been a difficult sector historically to target, the evolution in the ease of use of software applications and leveraged distribution models today has allowed a new set of exciting young companies to emerge.   Zenpayoll is a perfect example and is transforming the payroll industry with a dramatically simpler and more effective cloud solution. More than just a great product and traction, we believe in the talents and ambitions in the founding team at Zenpayroll. Joshua Reeves and team have a very bold vision that the painful, tedious and headache-laden process of payroll can and should become an area where companies can connect more authentically and deeply with their employees. Zenpayroll has already won over many thousands of customers and is one of the fastest growing SaaS businesses we have had the pleasure of partnering with. We are incredibly excited to help them achieve their potential and look forward to many years as partners together.