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Welcome Airkit: The Low-Code Customer Engagement Revolution

Today, we are excited to officially announce our partnership with Airkit, the world’s first low-code platform for customer engagement, as part of their coming-out-of-stealth announcement and our $21.6M Series A commitment.

Co-founders Stephen Ehikian, CEO, and Adam Evans, CTO, are on a mission to transform how companies connect with their customers. In today’s world, a personalized and proactive customer experience is critical to building a winning company, but the resources and complexities involved in building digital customer experiences present many barriers and often make it out of reach. But Airkit is changing the game. Now, both developers and business users alike can use Airkit to build a hyper-personalized customer experience that spans every interaction across every channel in a matter of days.

At Emergence we are obsessed with the impact technologies have on people. We have a strong conviction that those companies delivering delightful experiences to their customers are better positioned to win. The Emergence Team has known Stephen and Adam for many years. They first founded RelateIQ, a relationship intelligence platform in 2011, which was later acquired by Salesforce. While at Salesforce, they saw that the leading brands offering personalized digital customer experiences had the competitive advantage. As Stephen puts it, “The last mile of customer experience continues to be a challenge for every company.” They had an idea to simplify the process of building customer applications and bring in the element of automation with the goal to empower any business to build experiences customers love.

When they set out to build Airkit, we knew immediately that we wanted to get involved. The opportunity to truly engage customers with data-driven, personalized digital experiences is something that every company will be pursuing over the next few years, and not only does their out-of-the-box solution address the growing demand for customer experience technology (estimated to be a $641 billion industry by 2022), but they’ve already made evangelists out of their early customers. In just a few short years, the team has had impressive traction with customers ranging from Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 to startups who all echo their passion for the platform’s accessibility and ease-of-use. We’re extremely impressed with the current pipeline and the ability for Airkit to become a de-facto solution for enterprises and SMEs alike.

Furthermore, Emergence puts serious consideration behind the founding team. Together, the combination of Stephen and Adam’s core strengths is exceptional. Stephen’s focus on team culture building and execution complements Adam’s world-class product skillset and long-term visionary approach to product building. We believe their experience as founders, their expertise in customer-centric software and their passion for building an exceptional team, is an incredible recipe for success.

We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Stephen, Adam and the entire Airkit Team to the Emergence family! Together we are going to enable companies to delight their customers at scale.

Co-founders Adam Evans, CTO, and Stephen Ehikian, CEO.
Co-founders Adam Evans, CTO, and Stephen Ehikian, CEO.