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Announcing Our New Funds

ECP VI and Emergence Capital Opportunity I


We are delighted to announce that Emergence has raised two new funds: Emergence Capital Partners (ECP) VI and Emergence Capital Opportunity I.  

ECP VI is a $575 million core fund that will lead investments in early-stage B2B technology companies. Our inaugural opportunity fund is a $375 million vehicle that will complement our core funds by enabling us to make select investments in later-stage companies. 

As we begin to invest these new funds, we are recommitting to the values that our founders established when they started the firm nearly two decades ago.

We All Focus To Drive Conviction

From the start, our team has believed that focus matters. Our investment strategy is focused on founders who are building groundbreaking B2B technology companies. Our passion is focused on beginning our partnership with founders in the early stages of their journeys. And our team is a focused one: modest in size and comprised of B2B experts.

By focusing on doing just a few things well, we are positioned to be the best investors and partners in our space. Being a great early-stage investor requires building true conviction in what founders are creating. Because all of our time is spent on B2B technology, we’re able to build stronger and earlier conviction in B2B companies than other firms.

Our opportunity fund is fully aligned with this focus. The goal is primarily to allow us to continue to invest in our most established and successful companies. While we’ll occasionally use the opportunity fund to make investments in later-stage companies that have been funded initially by others, this won’t be the fund’s emphasis.

We All Strive To Be Your Most Important Partner

At Emergence, we want to work alongside others in a way that not only creates successful investments, but that also feels warm and enduring. Our hope is that we can have trusting, supportive, and collaborative relationships with all of those around us:  with founders, with limited partners, and with each other within Emergence.

We use the word “strive” in this part of our values because we believe that our work here will never be done. Building close partnerships with others requires ongoing dedication—and in our business often over many years. We love doing this because working alongside people we care about and having a true connection with them makes what we do much more rewarding.

Our ability to raise funds like those we are announcing today hinges on the partnerships we have built—and are continuing to build—with exceptional founders and limited partners. 

We’d like to extend our gratitude to all of you for choosing us as your partners and for your ongoing support of the work we do.

We All Win Big In the Long Run

Early-stage investing requires a long-term commitment. When we partner with a founder, we know that we’ll be working together for a number of years. That said, in this world of ever faster-scaling companies, it can seem old fashioned to some for a company to achieve greatness after a decade or more of hard work.

To us, a long-term journey is a beautiful thing. The iconic companies in our space have most often been built brick-by-brick over many years. We relish the opportunity to work with founders who are inspired to create something that will make a real difference in the world no matter how long that may require.

Our passion when it comes to long-run thinking also applies to our limited partners. We are fortunate that the vast majority of our LP base is comprised of institutions that create positive long-term change. We’re humbled to have an investor base that uses our returns to make an impact in important areas such as racial, ethnic, and gender justice; climate science; education; and medical research.

With the start of our new funds, one of our founding partners, Jason Green, will be retiring. While we will miss having him around as much, he will continue to work with his portfolio companies and will be an active advisor to us.

Jason, we can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for Emergence and for each of us personally. You inspire us to be better investors and better human beings. We all look forward to continuing to have you in our lives.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us since our founding. We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us.