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Coalescing Data into Value

As cloud computing evolves, the scale of data created has grown exponentially leading to challenges in storing and ultimately generating value from all of the captured digital exhaust. These challenges have birthed an entire ecosystem of companies referred to as the modern data stack. Initially, the big winners have been the storage platforms like Snowflake and the ingestion pipelines like FiveTran. More recently, we’ve seen a new crop of startups tackling the question of how to get value out of all the shiny new cloud data warehouses. 

The first step in creating value from raw data is to structure that data through transformations. Once your data is in the warehouse, how do you move it around, combine it and export it? And who keeps track of the lineage and outputs? The process can be cumbersome, technically challenging, and often breaks over time. 

Enter Coalesce. At Emergence, one of our core values is “focus to drive conviction.” Not only do we strive to embody this value as a team, but we also aim to invest in founders who do the same. That’s exactly what we found in Coalesce’s Co-Founders Armon Petrossian and Satish Jayanthi.  

Today, we’re excited to announce that Emergence has led Coalesce’s $26M Series A fundraising with support from seed investors 11.2 Capital and GreatPoint Ventures. Coalesce is a UX-first data transformation company built initially for Snowflake. 

Since launching in January 2022, Armon and Satish have built an outstanding team of industry experts that aim to supercharge data engineers. We’re excited about the early enterprise traction and can’t wait for our partnership to “coalesce”. 

Joe and Armon at our new office on Pier 5.
Joe and Armon at our new office on Pier 5.