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We are excited to announce our investment in Chorus is an artificial intelligence platform that learns what works across sales conversations to close more deals. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Chorus helps sales teams learn what to say and what to avoid to route them more quickly to a closed deal. Chorus unites all your sales team's conversations into a single view on its dashboard, and then adds intelligence to surface key moments around what works (or doesn't) in your team's calls.

Chorus integrates with CRM systems, freeing reps from having to take copious notes, and scaling a manager's ability to coach their team to move deals forward without having to sit it on every single call. Conversations are the lifeblood of sales. Each year across the United States, 2.4 million inside sales reps engage in many millions of hours of conversations with prospects. Billions of dollars in people costs and over a trillion dollars in revenue are tied to these conversations. A good conversation can result in a sale; a poor one, a lost opportunity.

What gets us most excited about Chorus is they are the first to successfully combine artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) to unlock the mystery of voice conversations. Their software helps companies learn what works, and multiply successes across their sales teams. We see tremendous opportunity in deploying AI to improve the sales cycle. Companies spend billions of dollars optimizing everything to do with selling, but until Chorus, no one has been able to see into the most critical part: the actual sales conversations.

And we are not alone in our excitement around Chorus. Companies like Cisco Meraki, Marketo, Qualtrics and Talkable are all working with Chorus to unify, learn from and improve their sales conversations based on patterns of success surfaced through machine learning.

But it’s not the machine vs. the human. Instead, it’s machines working with humans.

Over the past decade, software has been optimized to help sales reps in just about every facet of their jobs -- except phone calls, arguably the most critical and valuable prospect interaction. The machine learning and artificial intelligence tools built into the Chorus software gives sales reps the insight to have better conversations -- to be more effective.

At Emergence Capital, we are thrilled with what the future holds for Chorus as well as other software that helps answer the “how” -- software that enhances and speeds up human learning and performance.

We can’t wait to continue working with Roy, Micha, and the entire Chorus team.