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Our values are our worth.

We invest in people who change the way the world works. When we founded Emergence, we backed a few carefully-chosen CEOs who shared our belief that enterprise software would move to the cloud. Our prediction paid off: today, the companies they spearheaded—including Salesforce, Veeva, Box, Yammer and Zoom—have grown to redefine the categories that they play in to change the world. Looking far forward together is our specialty—and we’re only just getting started.

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  • We don’t make bets.
    We make commitments.

    When Zoom founder Eric Yuan came to us, he wanted a partner with long-term vision. Other firms were having him drive around California for meetings. We chose instead to go to where he was. Today, he thinks of us more as a family than a firm. That’s the kind of committed relationship we strive for in every investment we make.

    We don't make bets.
  • When we go all in,
    we all go in.

    We require unanimous enthusiasm of our group before we invest in any company. Rather than operate individually, we rely on the power of our combined experience and insight. Because we’re all in as a firm behind you, you can count on us when the going gets tough.

    When we go all in, we all go in.
  • Some go wide.
    We go deep.

    Constraints keep us focused. Since we only make 5-7 investments a year, it’s vital that we pick wisely. Rather than cast a wide net across industries, we’ve strategically selected to focus our expertise sharply on our niche: early-stage enterprise SaaS; that is, cloud business software.

    Some go wide.
  • We don’t just seek out visionaries.We seek out values.

    When we first started out, we weren’t much more than a curiosity among larger firms. We didn’t need to be the biggest; it mattered more to us that we got the best results while maintaining integrity, humility, and fairness. We require these values of everything we do, and of anyone we partner with.

    Santi and Eric
  • We assume nothing.
    We analyze everything.

    We don’t believe in guesswork. Through independent thinking, thoughtful experimentation and constant evolution, we’ve developed a proven system of predictive research that allows us to identify pivotal future trends and choose winners to invest in accordingly.

    We assume nothing.
  • Stand apart from the rest.
    Learn from the go-to-market experts.

    One of the toughest challenges startups face is going from promise to proof: of sustainably getting their great idea out to customers. One of our key strengths is real-world go-to-market expertise: an experienced, strategic, hands-on approach that separate successful, scalable companies from the rest.

    Talk is easy.

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