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Hiring For Our Values

We’re looking for individuals who share our convictions, our passion for enterprise tech, and our commitment to each other and our values.

Emergence has a lot to be grateful for this year. We’ve raised our sixth core fund, ECP VI, and Opportunity Fund I, which will enable us to continue supporting more entrepreneurs.

As part of this next chapter, we saw some big team changes—Emergence hired its first COO, Founding GP Jason Green took a step back, we promoted some team members and celebrated Santi Subotovsky on the Midas List. Our portfolio companies also achieved some major milestones: Doximity and Blend went public, Chorus and Openpath were acquired, and we officially closed on the firm’s 100th investment. It's been a big year!

...And we are not slowing down anytime soon. In gearing up for this next phase of growth, we want to continue building the best team possible. You can learn about the roles we are hiring for on our Careers page. Before we learn about you, we felt it was important to share more about who we are as a firm, the values we live by, and the qualities we look for in each hire we make.

Our mission at Emergence is to help build the next generation of enterprise cloud companies that change the way the world works. We focus on investing in early-stage enterprise startups—and we are approaching 20 years of success backing companies such as Zoom,, Box, Clearco, Gusto, Salesforce, Veeva, Yammer, and others.

Our founders—Brian, Gordon, and Jason—started Emergence with the goal of creating a different venture capital firm by not trying to be everything to everybody. In 2003, they had strong conviction in a very specific nascent market: Software as a Service (SaaS), which eventually became known as the Cloud. Some would say that it was luck, and we would agree that some luck was involved, but it was not luck that gave us the conviction to bet on a business model that others thought would never become mainstream. Fast forward to today—every company is a Cloud company. And while it’s important to bet on the right companies, we are heavily focused on the founders and who they are as people. It is a core value of ours to Strive to Be the Most Important Partner to the companies and teams we back.

As a thesis-driven firm, another core value is We Focus to Drive Conviction. We choose to remain hyper-focused on our original goal—partnering with enterprise/b2b technology startups and helping them on their journey to become iconic companies. To stay true to this value, Emergence only makes a handful of new investments per year so that we can remain focused, disciplined, and deliver the best possible support to the companies we back.

This conviction extends to how we choose to build our team and develop our people. The firm was founded on the philosophy that recruiting and growing our partnership from within would result in not only a stronger culture, but the best performance—to this day, each GP has developed and grown into the partner role. With this philosophy in mind, we have designed an intentional career development program that will enable us to improve and build the next generation of investors and leaders to steward the firm’s success into the future.

Every venture firm is unique in how they operate, and Emergence is on the collaborative end of the spectrum; for example, we strive for unanimous enthusiasm before we invest in any company. When we make investments, we partner for the long haul—the ups and the downs, the wins and the losses—the whole journey. Everything we do is with the intention of ensuring that our team and our entrepreneurs all Win Big in the Long Run. This helps us prioritize and focus on what really matters—always doing the right thing for the people and companies we back. There are no shortcuts to success.

Our Values

Emergence Values (Small)

This next phase of growth means growing our team. We’re looking for individuals who share our convictions, our passion for enterprise tech, and our commitment to each other and our values.

If these values resonate with you and you’re interested in joining our team, we want to hear from you! Check out our open roles on our Careers Page.

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