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Emergence Monthly: Tech giants are coming for your bank account


What we're seeing in the market

Enterprise and consumer fintech, accounting, and HR giants and startups alike are lining up to fight to loan you money. Gusto, Square, Clearbanc, ScaleFactor, Earnin are all following in big bank's footsteps to the real money (and profit): lending.

PayPal, Square, eBay, Shopify – they're all coming for your bank account.
PayPal, Square, eBay, Shopify – they're all coming for your bank account.

This isn't necessarily a new strategy – banks have borrowed from deposits to loan to others as personal loans (credit cards, mortgages, bonds, CDs) or business loans for centuries.

Each bank develops their own internal algorithm for deciding who receives a loan or interest rate based on how risky they perceive you to be. This algorithm uses the types of data banks typically have access to – in the case of a credit card, your credit score, income, and your previous banking history at the bank.

The issue: every bank is largely working with the same data. Some consumers get overcharged on interest, others get a great deal.

These credit scores are notoriously bad. 25% of all credit scores contain errors. People have been misidentified as terrorists, sex offenders, and deceased. Oh, and they can't even protect your data.

Tech giants have long battled to use their proprietary datasets to offer competitive small business loans to their best customers. Square, Clover, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Intuit, and newer competitors like ScaleFactor and Emergence portfolio company Clearbanc are all using their proprietary datasets – mostly gross revenue – to offer $10B+ in loans to their most promising customers as far back as 2013.

The next wave of tech-enabled loans is coming... to consumers. Enterprise companies are beginning to work directly with their customer's employees to offer individual pay-day loans at better rates than the shady pay-day lenders that have preyed on the poor for years.

🤑 Earnin just raised $125M to help low-wage workers track and cash out their earnings in real-time. The app works directly with consumers, tracking how long they spend at work using their phone's GPS. Used by employees at more than 50,000 businesses.

💰 Emergence portfolio company Gusto launched Flexible Pay to let employees pick when they get paid. Employees can opt-in individually, opening up a new revenue stream for the company. Gusto currently serves 1% of all employers in the US.

As startups everywhere double-down on profitability, fintech enterprise companies often create opportunities to provide additional services directly to employees, either for free to decrease churn or in exchange for interest payments, the bread and butter of fintech.

In the end, despite profitable motives, employees are the real winners. Better data and credit score algorithms lead to lower prices and interest rates for deserving candidates that are often ignored by larger financial institutions. Good riddance, shady payday loans. 👋

Other things are happening.

Autodesk bought BuildingConnected for $275M (after PlanGrid last month). Cisco bought semiconductor manufacturer Luxtera for $660M. InVision raised $115M at a $1.9B valuation. There's a new most valuable public co: Microsoft. Amplitude raised $80M at a $850M valuation. Wave Computing raised $86M to build better AI chips. EdCast raised $34M (from Softbank!) to teach workers things. Pypestream raised $15M to build AI chatbots. Samsara raised $100M to track sensor data. And... Mary Meeker is raising a ~$1.25B fund called Bond. Clearly a missed opportunity to name it Money Meeker.

What we're hearing from GTM leaders

It seems like everybody is hiring a CFO… and stealing from Amazon.

Airbnb just stole Amazon VP Dave Stephenson and Robinhood nabbed Amazon VP Jason Warnick, following in the footsteps of Francis Nzeuton who joined clothing startup Dia&Co.

Amazon – a public tech company with enough scale to warrant multiple VPs of finance – is the perfect breeding ground for future C-suite execs, especially for companies that are ramping up to an IPO.

Scaling tech companies – both consumer-facing and enterprise – are struggling to find qualified CFO candidates with enough context and industry-knowledge to walk fledgling companies through the daunting process of going public. And as companies fight to poach each other’s engineers, salespeople, and marketers with millions of dollars in ad spend and massive recruiting teams, it’s no surprise that the fight for qualified CFO talent has heated up.

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