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Emergence Monthly: Big Macs, Big Data


What we're seeing in the market

Ronald McDonald might be your next boss.

The multi-billion dollar behemoth behind the Golden Arches just acquired Dynamic Yield for $300M+, signaling their willingness to acquire companies wayyyy outside of their comfort zone.

Big Macs mean Big Money and Big Data.
Big Macs mean Big Money and Big Data.

Dynamic Yield helps companies sell more products with big data. In a McDonald's pilot in Miami, their algorithms sucked in terabytes of data – "weather, time of day, local traffic, nearby events, and historical sales data, both at that specific franchise and around the world" – and spits out personalized recommendations via electronic menus or drive-thru ordering kiosks to drive more sales.

"We've never had an issue in this business with a lack of data. It's drawing the insight and the intelligence out of it," said McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook. A surprising comment, given McDonald's was the first restaurant to pioneer data-driven kitchen optimization, designing the entire supply chain to minimize costs while still delivering hundreds of billions of delicious burgers.

Still, we wonder if this acquisition points to the next weapon in a long-fought war between digital and retail sellers: personalization.

E-commerce sites have long relied on personalization to drive sales, selecting between dozens of landing pages and A/B testing thousands of digital advertisements to satisfy your particular interests and maximize the amount you spend.

Physical retailers don't have the luxury of copy paste. Each store must serve everybody equally, and store attendants can only update displays and arrangements so frequently. Restaurant menus are even worse, often updated every few months or years at best.

Retailers aren't asleep at the wheel. Macy's now collects customer-specific data, tailoring discounts and offers at checkout based on your purchasing history. Ikea now lets anybody trial furniture at home with augmented reality, so you can see exactly what their couches and chairs would look like in your living room. EmCap portfolio company EverSight helps grocery stories dynamically adjust prices to drive sales and maximize revenues for every type of purchase.

One thing is clear: consumers win when companies personalize experiences to better suit their needs, discovering items and deals they otherwise wouldn't have. And now, when you just couldn't resist an extra-large McFlurry, at least you can blame big data. 🍦

Other news we're watching.

Google-backed AI startup Mobvoi is raising $100M before their IPO. Uber bought Careem for $3.1B. Apple launched a lot of things, including a credit card. Facebook might have leaked a lot of passwords, but nobody is sure, and two of their executives named Chris are leaving the company. Google was fined €1.49B for violating anti-trust rules. Three AI pioneers won the $1M Turing Award. Pagantis raised a €65M Series B. Workboard raised a $23M Series B. Alibaba acquired InfinityAR. Corporate housing provider Zeus raised $24M. IFTTT doesn't support Gmail anymore. AI is helping prevent preterm births using health data.

What we're hearing from GTM leaders

It feels like strategic investors are popping up everywhere, offering term sheets and the allure of guaranteed customers in exchange for parts of and information about your business. Besides Google and Salesforce, giant Fortune 100 companies are beginning to see the value in venture capital.

Mitsubishi, Intel, Qualcomm, Comcast, Samsung, Dell, CitiBank, Cisco, J&J – even Starbucks is getting into the game with a $100M contribution to a food and retail growth equity firm.

Know what you're signing up for. While the benefits of a large corporate partner can be obvious – warm customer leads, a big logo for your landing page, and a natural acquirer down the line – the downsides are often less clear. Dig deep to see if your strategic investors are truly invested in your company's long-term financial success. The last thing you want is your investors to pull their ongoing support based on the whims of their corporate bosses.

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Where we're headed

Modern SaaS Finance Summit – May 16, New York

Supporting high-growth SaaS startups is difficult. Learn the top five strategies from Stack Overflow's Jerry Raphael, Vista's Mark Ralls, White Ops's Vera Nazarova, and more. Sign up.

Sales Assembly 2019 – June 6th, Chicago

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Traction – Aug 7-8, Vancouver

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Find your new home

Senior Data Scientist  –  Venture capital isn't right for every company. Clearbanc funds scaling e-commerce companies with the growth capital they need. They're hiring a senior Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience, based in Toronto. Apply here.

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Head of Product – Crunchbase is democratizing access to the world's best startups. They're hiring a Head of Product in San Francisco to help build the next generation of their data analysis and tracking products loved by millions. Apply here.

Or... join the Emergence Talent Network for priority access and referrals to 700+ jobs in our portfolio. Apply here. 👈

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Congratulations to Clearbanc on their recent $120M fundraising 👏
Congratulations to Clearbanc on their recent $120M fundraising 👏

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