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Emergence Monthly: 100M Alexa devices sold


What we're seeing in the market

Voice assistants are here to stay: Amazon has officially sold 100M Alexa devices, and Google Assistant will soon be on 1B+ devices.

The next generation of voice-enabled tech is coming just around the corner, elevating these tools from low-IQ assistants to sophisticated, multi-modal tools for consumers and businesses alike.

They're everywhere...
They're everywhere...

If you ask most Alexa-owners how they use their device, their answers won't surprise you:

"Unsurprisingly, the most popular use was to play music or the radio (65%) or for news and weather reports (50%). Other common uses include travel updates (16.2%) and playing audiobooks/podcasts (8.2%). Interestingly, only 7% percent of users have ever bought anything via their smart speaker.”

Despite promises of having our very own digital assistant that could run our lives on autopilot, most of us are using Alexa to perform relatively simple, audio-exclusive tasks.

Performing tasks with just voice commands can get annoying quickly. Between awkward required phrasings and the unfortunate reality that most of us work in open office spaces, yelling at a computer to do our jobs isn't realistic.

In addition, most complex tasks require us to repeatedly reference the written information quickly. Imagine trying to do your taxes with Alexa – you'd lose your mind trying to remember each specific number without trying to write something down.

The next generation of voice is multi-modal. Tech giants and startups alike are racing to integrate voice into screen-first processes and leverage the complexity of voice to unlock new insights:

The Echo Show (left) and Google Home Hub (right).
The Echo Show (left) and Google Home Hub (right).

Both Google and Amazon have launched screen-first devices with integrated voice assistants. The Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show both allow users to pull up information on the screen with their voice: "Alexa, play The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video" or even "Hey Google, show me my calendar for the next 24 hours."

The June Oven & AmazonBasics Microwave.
The June Oven & AmazonBasics Microwave.

Kitchen appliances are getting voice assistants too. June Oven, backed by a $22.5M Series A from First Round, and Amazon's very own AmazonBasics microwave are both deeply integrated with Alexa. Expect to see more voice-first appliances coming soon.

It's not all just about what's in your kitchen: a wave of startups is working to surface insights from your conversations – voice input – into actionable reports and data on your screen about sales or customer service calls. TethrTalkIQ (acquired by Dialpad), Voice OpsDeepgram, and EmCap portfolio companies GuruAugmedix, and are all early competitors in the space.

We're also excited to see companies unlock additional meaning behind the complexities of voice: tone, breathing, and pitch. For example, Swedish firm Corti designed an AI that can detect heart attacks during 911 calls. Human dispatchers can identify ~72% of cardiac arrests over the phone, but Corti scored a staggering 95%.

"Hey Alexa, am I having a heart attack?" might seem outlandish now, but it could be coming much sooner than you think.

Other news we're watching.

Fiserv bought credit card processor First Data for $22B. Fintech giant Plaid bought Quovo for ~$200M. Confluent is now a unicorn, with a $125M Series DBanking startup N26 raised $300M at a $2.7B valuation. Katerra raised $700M and Globality raised $100M, both from SoftBank. PagerDuty filed their IPO. Adobe acquired AllegorithmicDISCO raised another $83MOneLogin snagged $100M in funding. TaxJar raised $60M to automate e-commerce taxes. Desktop Metal raised $160MGoogle fined €50M for GDPR violations. AI can detect Alzheimer's 6 years before doctors. And... Kohler is making a smart toilet. 🤔

What we're hearing from GTM leaders

Last week, BuzzFeed announced significant layoffs. 15% of their overall budget was cut. Verizon announced a 7% cut across HuffPost, Yahoo, and AOL's editorial teams. 1,000 skilled writers, journalists, and editors lost their jobs.

This has been coming for a while. Between an increasingly competitive content environment, ballooning salaries for top editorial and distribution roles, and competition for advertising budgets from big players like Facebook and new players like Reddit, and young writers who will work for free, BuzzFeed's model has struggled.

Another nail in their coffin: big enterprise advertisers haven't seen the ROI. Advertising on BuzzFeed was "literally the biggest waste of money" according to one of our CMOs.

What's the takeaways for advertisers? Make sure your advertisements are aligned with the website that will host them. Otherwise, you're fighting a losing battle.

As for the laid-off BuzzFeeders, Alexandre Mouriec put together a list of everybody looking for their next opportunity. Hire them here. 👏

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Where we're headed

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Modern SaaS Finance – Feb 6, San Jose

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