Ryan Wenger, CEO & Founder
Joe Floyd

Until now, business travel companies were divided into two camps. On the one side were decades-old companies with the scale necessary to serve Fortune 100 companies, but clunky products. On the other side were a new crop of startups with better designed tech, but no enterprise capabilities.

We bridge this divide with a powerful, design-forward booking engine, supported by our own global travel management program.

How did we do this? In 2016, we were a Santa Monica-based consumer travel startup, WhereFor.com, when the travel manager of a large company asked if we would turn our imaginations to the legacy world of business travel. We interviewed their frequent travelers and analyzed their data to design a more intuitive system. Meanwhile, we raised financing from a preeminent B2B SaaS venture capital firm, and partnered closely with an established TMC to build a new kind of agency and global infrastructure. Now, having successfully deployed it, we offer our solution to the world.