Top Hat

Mike Silagadze , CEO & Co-Founder

As a proven student engagement and interactive teaching platform, Top Hat’s software helps college professors activate classrooms. In a world of digital distractions, countless academic studies have reinforced the reality that students better understand the day’s lesson if they’re asked to engage with peers, interact with complex material and participate in class. By requiring students to use their personal device to answer quizzes, reply to polls and tackle difficult simulations, Top Hat easily and effectively transforms the passive lecture hall into an exciting learning environment. As a strong advocate for traditional, on-campus education, Top Hat not only modernizes established teaching methods, but also facilitates new approaches including the ‘flipped classroom,’ ‘group learning,’ and other creative solutions. Thousands of professors and hundreds of colleges worldwide rely on Top Hat to engage their students and improve academic performance. Top Hat is headquartered in Toronto, CAN, hosts 120 full time employees and has been profitably operating since its 2009 launch behind $22M in venture funding.