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The Evolution of SaaS: What a difference 10 years Makes

A Decade of SaaS

Our Investment in Xapo – Another Transaction for the Blockchain

by Santi Subotovsky, Emergence Capital Partners

Today, Emergence Capital is thrilled to announce an investment in Xapo, an early leader in the emerging bitcoin ecosystem.  CEO Wences Casares has decades of experience in building successful global finance companies. My partners and I have known him for over fifteen years, and we can’t think of a better leader to navigate this exciting new platform.

On a personal level, I have been tracking bitcoin startups for nearly two years.  When I first canvased the ecosystem, I came across less than 100 startups, mostly focused on wallets, exchanges and merchant services.  I’m now working on an updated version of this landscape with nearly 1,000 companies, which I plan to publish in the next few weeks.

The more time I spend with bitcoin entrepreneurs, the more obsessed I become. It’s so much more than a financial instrument – it’s a protocol that allows efficient and secure fixing, storing and transfer of value. That value can be much more than a currency, we are thinking about use cases in real estate, tickets, email addresses and more. While we have started to see early companies focused on the consumer elements of bitcoin, at Emergence, we are particularly excited about the emerging B2B opportunities around security, identity, financial tracking, merchant services, analytics and others.

Just over 10 years ago we invested in Salesforce.com which became the defining company in the SaaS world. Today, we are announcing our first investment in a bitcoin company, and we are excited to partner with Wences and the company that’s going to help define one of the most exciting developments for the next decade.



Industry Cloud Forum – June 3, 2014

Industry Cloud Forum Recap – June 3, 2014

Last week Emergence hosted an Industry Cloud Forum at the City Club in San Francisco for companies building business cloud solutions focused on specific industry verticals.

This was the first event of its kind, and we were thrilled to gather together over 100 CEOs of leading industry cloud companies across a dozen sectors.

We have received a number of requests for the “Industry Cloud Rising” opening presentation by Gordon Ritter (Emergence Capital) and the “Learning from the Leaders” keynotes by Peter Gassner (Veeva), Marcus Ryu (Guidewire), and Dan Yates (Opower).

Gordon Ritter (Emergence Capital): Presentation: Industry Cloud Rising

Learning from the Leaders: Peter Gassner (Veeva), Marcus Ryu (Guidewire), and Dan Yates (Opower).

We also heard great feedback about our two panels covering go-to-market strategies and platforms.  A number of attendees commented how they shared similar opportunities and challenges with others in the room, in spite of being in completely different industries.


Go-to-Market Strategies: Brian Donahoo (Appfolio), Charles Thornburgh (Civitas Learning), Peter Hess (Advent Software), Santi Subotovsky (Emergence Capital)

Leveraging Platforms: Adam Gross (Heroku/Salesforce), Ariel Kelman (AWS), Chris Yeh (Box), Jason Green (Emergence Capital)

We hope this is the first of many gatherings of industry cloud leaders, so please share any feedback about how we could improve the format or content. We are excited to continue building the industry cloud together with you.


Gordon Ritter, General Partner, Emergence Capital

Santi Subotovsky, Principal, Emergence Capital

Alison Wagonfeld, Operating Partner, Emergence Capital