Why we invested in Zenpayroll

Our mission at Emergence Capital is to be the most important partner to the most important enterprise cloud companies. By enterprise cloud, we mean any business application selling to any size business. While the SMB space has been a difficult sector historically to target, the evolution in the ease of use of software applications and…

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Box – the Next Cloud Platform

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Box to provide capital to entrepreneurs building on the Box platform []. This relationship is a perfect fit for Emergence on multiple dimensions. First, we have been investors in Box since 2010 and have been big advocates for Aaron and his team. Box was…

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Announcing ECP IV – Enterprise Next

We are thrilled to announce the close of our fourth fund, Emergence Capital Partners IV. We are fortunate to be in a position to choose both our investors and fund size to support our investment strategy. After much reflection, we concluded that $335 million was the “perfect” size for us, not too big and not…

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Why the journey has only begun for Box

This post originally appeared on Medium. Box co-founders Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith today reached a milestone all startups dream of, but few achieve, going public on the NYSE. What an amazing decade long journey it has been for this amazing, dynamic, young duo and COO Dan Levin. Knowing their ambitions, it is only the…

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jason and dan 3

Box Named the Emergence Capital 2014 Company of the Year

We are pleased and honored to present the 2014 Emergence Capital Company of the Year Award to Box. Almost exactly 4 years ago, in December of 2010, we met with Aaron Levie and Dan Levin of Box for an update. We were blown away by the progress the company had made in its full fledged transition from a…

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Paul Stahura, CEO Donuts and Brian Jacobs, Emergence Capital

Donuts Receives “Emergence Award” for 2014

Each year Emergence Capital gives out an award to a portfolio company called the “Emergence Award.” The Emergence Award is not for a big successful sale or IPO, but for the company that is working its tail off, executing, making its customers happy, all often without much public recognition. We give this award, because we…

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Our ambitions for Emergence

This article was published on Medium. Read the original here. Ten years ago when we founded our firm we believed in the future of the enterprise cloud so much we were willing to bet our entire firm’s strategy on it. Today, that bet has paid off handsomely having backed some of the most iconic and…

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